Sunday, 27 June 2010

Went out cycling today

Dad took my bike out from garage, adjusted the seat and off I went! There was no air pressure in my tyres but I did well riding for an hour with dad in tow.
From Aayush 2010

Saturday, 26 June 2010

I was a king for a day!

We had medieval day at my school - Brunton First School! I dressed up as a king! My friends dressed up like knights, dragons, queens and pricesses!
From Aayush 2010

We had great fun drinking from medieval tumblers which me made ourselves!
From Aayush 2010

Here is my interview:

Dad took us to Druridge beach!

Dad took us to the lovely Druridge beach!
I had a great time running around and discovering shells. Guess what - I even found the remains of a pirate ship!

I also had a vanilla flavoured ice-cream at the end!
Druridge Beach

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's day

I made a card for dad with lots of footballs on it on father's day and recorded this for him:

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I went to Centre for Life

Dad took me to Centre for Life. Mum was in London with Didu. Dad thought I was interested in Dr Who exhibition, but I had a clear focus - the toys in the museum shop. However had a good time in the 'top 10 science experiment show' - I participated quite actively. Then played archiologist and brushed off some bones. Later went on to see Dr Who exhibition - almost all the aliens had alien heads and human feet. I got scared in the Dalek room and ran away! We saw the beautiful film in planetorium called 'We are astronomers'. Then it was toy time!! Dad bought me four animals with colours to paint them with.
Some videos:

Sunday, 13 June 2010

I am learning to sing!

I have started to attend Indian classical music lessons! I am the youngest there and generally go there to have fun. My Guru ji is Dr. Vijay Rajput. Here is a sample of my singing:

I went to Edinborough!

Daddy took me to Ediborough a couple of weeks ago for a few hours. I had a good time except the boring drive. I loved the stop at border between England and Scotland on the scenic route.
Some videos:

Munnu didi's birthday party!

I went to Munnu didi's birthday party. Of course mom and dad came along. I had a really good time Kunal, Rohit, Rohan, Babloo etc. I ate sausages, fish fingers, carrot stick (just one) and cucumber. The chocolate cake was yummy! I and Kunal payed 'good guys and bad guys'. I liked his Ben 10 watch the most. It is 'alien force' and squeaks when pressed.

We are making AudioBoos now a days...

Daddy uses his phone to record my sounds and puts them out there. Here I am making some sounds: