Monday, 29 March 2010

Phew! That was a log break! Lazy daddy has finally woken up to add a few bits to this blog. Okay, I had a great birthday party on my 5th birthday! Kunal, Nino, Chumki, Bitaan, Siddhartha, Jay, Sonu, Richa, Rohit, Rohan, etc were all there (including the big folks like Durga didi, Munnu didi, Anish data etc.). Mamma got someone to make a taste-tastic dinosaur cake with T-Rexes, raptors, tricerotops and pterodons crawling all over the place and a dangerously active volcano too! Daddy was his usual self trying to look busy. Mamma was trying to keep everyone comfortable! The meshos and mashis helped at every step to make the party a success.

And yes, I never got so many toys in one day before!

Look at the photos here:
Aayush 5th B'day Party

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